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The Best Espresso Machine Review

The Best Espresso Machine Review

I bet you love a Costa Coffee at times, or a nice espresso in the mornings, or after a nice meal, perhaps you just love the taste of a frappe cappuccino, so now you’re on the look out for a good quality espresso machine to make you the coffee you so desire! Hehe, we wanted to make our introduction sound a little like a marks and spencers advert, I digress, back on topic. Espresso machines are fantastic, we currently have one in our office, the base of all great coffee beverages actually comes from espresso coffee, which is made from top of the range barista type espresso coffee machines.

If you’re serious about coffee and you don’t mind investing in a great coffee maker, then read on, we’ve put together a few recommendations that we have tried and tested so you don’t have to! You can just buy the one that suits your requirements and get it right the first time round.

This is the Top Notch Best Espresso Machine Review

The first espresso coffee maker we will talk about is actually a commercial brand which has been made common by major advertising, it’s actually fairly cheap BUT! You need to purchase prepackaged coffee sachets.

It’s the Bosch Tassimo TAS1252GB Vivy 2 Multi-Beverage Coffee Machine, This is an espresso maker which is very easy to use, it literally only requires 1 button to operate it, however, you do require to buy the Tassimo ready made coffee sachets which could make the cost of running this little cheap coffee machine very expensive! Don’t let the cheapish commercial price for the actual coffee maker fool you, the espresso sachets sell for quite a bit of money a pop and the coffee may not be of your taste in which case, you’ll not want to use it an would be a complete waste of time, This machine is more for a person who just wants a cuppa coffee in the mornings and wants a semi decent espresso, “hands off” easy.

Bosch Tassimo espresso maker

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The actual unit itself is very well built, it also saves a lot of room by being so small, in comparison to the more higher priced brands, which means you can easily tuck it away on your kitchen surface some place, it won’t take up a lot of room which would make it ideal if you have a smaller sized kitchen, This model has a neat little feature that should make you the perfect coffee every time! It has a bar-code scanner which scans the actual coffee to check its’ intensity, no one likes a weak watered down espresso… that’s why this feature is pretty cool, it is ofcourse all automatically done for you.

The coffee sachets come in over 40 different variants of flavours from, normal espresso to latte, cappuccino and even different herbal teas, So it isn’t limited to coffee only, you can make teas and even hot chocolate with this little beauty.


Brand Bosch
Model Number TAS1252GB
Item Weight 2.6 Kg
Product Dimensions 35.2 x 29.2 x 21.2 cm
Volume Capacity 2 litres
Power / Wattage 1300 watts
Compatible Models Tassimo


Price and where to buy?: You can pick one of these up from anywhere but to make a real saving you can buy it here for £90.00 with free home delivery which gives you a nice £10 discount!


Next in line, we have the Gaggia Carezza Deluxe Espresso Coffee Machine This is a step up from the Tassimo gizmo we reviewed above, this machine is more along the lines of a professional coffee machine, It has many more manual features, this doesn’t mean that it’s hard to use either, it’s a breeze to use, very easily make a cup of coffee whenever you want.

The actual coffee comes out at the right ratio making it a true espresso tasting experience without having to fiddle with any settings, it works straight out of the box, It has a manual button that allows you to stop the water/coffee dispensing so you can make half a cup of coffee or a full cup, it’s entirely up to you, stop it when you want. This maker, like many professional coffee machines, comes with a frother/creamer, what we can say is that it is a very powerful creamer, it froths milk in seconds, we do recommend buying a slightly larger milk jug simply because the power of the creamer may spill the milk out of the jug! This machine is built with the commercial type coffee makers in mind but it’s scaled down to a more domestic use, which makes it perfect for home use.

Gaggia Carezza Deluxe Espresso Coffee machine

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The coffee always comes out piping hot and at the correct strength, exactly how a pure Italian espresso should be and taste, this unit will easily last you over 5 years of use, nothing seems to go wrong with it, it’s well made and has that commercial robust feel. The water tank has a filter within it so all the water you put into it is completely clean which is always nice and makes the taste of the coffee even purer.

Most machines tend to go wrong simply because of the lime scale that builds up as time goes by within the water tank/system, this is not a problem with the Gaggia Carezza Deluxe because it comes with a descaling warning light which will light up when it’s time to give it a service! This feature alone will help the longevity of the product which will make it value for money as time passes and it will return plenty cappuccinos for years to come!


Brand Gaggia
Model Number RI8525/01
Item Weight 4 Kg
Product Dimensions 30 x 21 x 28 cm
Capacity 1.4 litres
Voltage 230 volts
Material Plastic


Price and where to buy?:  This Gaggia Carezza Deluxe retails at well over £220 but you can buy it here for £195.50 including free delivery within the UK

The next coffee machine is from a well known and respected brand, it’s the De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 Bean to Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Machine, if you want to get one of these, you’d better hurry up and buy one simply because as soon as they are in stock, their gone.

This coffee machine not only accepts coffee in its’ ground state, it comes with a fully integrated bean grinder, with a one button from beans to coffee feature, it doesn’t require that much effort to have a freshly ground cup of coffee! You don’t need to purchase coffee beans, it will just as well make you a nice espresso with already grounded coffee, it’s your choice but the ability to automatically ground and prepare you a coffee is there if you so choose to use this feature.

De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 Beant to Cup

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It has a amazing 15 bar pressure pump which is used to froth your cream or milk, 15 bars of pressure in such a short nozzle makes it rapid when using, you don’t have to wait around fluffing up your milk, it’s ready when you are… it comes equiped with a drip tray which will catch any over flows/spillage and is easily slid out to empty and also it can warm up your coffee mug/cup for you with it’s innovative cup warming feature, just place your cup on the drip tray and it will warm it up while preparing your beverage! Now that’s cool.

The dispenser nozzle is fully adjustable so if you have a tall glass frappe mug, you can raise the nozzle so you’re able to fit your glass/cup on the tray without having to awkwardly tip the cup at an angle when taking your cup of coffee off the tray, it is these little things that truly stack up to make this machine an amazing piece of kitchen kit.

Most importantly, this particular machine comes standard with a 2 year guarantee, so you’ve got piece of mind there.

Back to the actual coffee grinder, on top of the unit is a compartment where you’re able to store your fresh coffee beans, it is from this compartment where the machine automatically draws the beans from to grind, all you need to do is push a button and the machine will extract the coffee beans from the storage compartment and automatically grind them, then inserts them into the filter and starts to boil the water for you, it has a two boiler system which makes this unit very efficient, depending on your selection of how many cups you want to make, it only heats up the water you need, this saves alot of time if the tank is full and you only want 1 cup, it saves energy and is very convenient.


Brand De’Longhi
Model Number ESAM4200
Colour Silver
Item Weight 10 Kg
Product Dimensions 37.5 x 28.5 x 36 cm
Capacity 1.8 litres
Power / Wattage 1450 watts
Voltage 240 volts
Material Stainless Steel
Auto Shutoff Yes
Special Features Integrated Coffee Grinder, Milk Frother, Programmable, Removable Tank, Thermoblock


Price and where to buy?: This monster coffee maker doesn’t come cheap, it retailed at £449.99 but you can buy it here for £299.99 with free delivery.



Lastly, We’re quickly going to run through the ’Sage’ By Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express Coffee Machine with Grinder This coffee maker is the quite amazing, it has all the features that come straight from an industrial/commercial type coffee espresso machine, it shares the “Beans to Coffee” feature the De’Longhi has which we mentioned above but this does it in under a minute.

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It boasts the fact that it can turn beans into a cup of espresso within 1 minute of pushing the button, we had to test this ourselves, it just seemed to amazing to be true! What we found was quite astonishing, The feature of beans to coffee is quite true however, this is if you have preheated the water within the tank, which isn’t so bad considering the machine auto heats the water which is prepared for when you want it, which takes around 50 seconds.

This is very much a hands off type of coffee maker, however, it’s hand offs using fresh beans! All you need to do is push the button, then the machine takes over, it filters the water, then heats it, then draws the coffee beans from the storage container which feeds the grinder, then the grounded coffee is sent to the cafeteria which the hot water passes through, making you a mighty fresh cup of espresso!

It’s creamer/milk throther is extremely powerful, it’ll create an extremely thick throth that you would expect to find from a professional barista but made in your own home. The build quality of this machine is amazing too, built from stainless steel, it’ll stand the test of time, you can also set up a programmer with specific times to make you a coffee which is always a bonus!

Besides all the fancy gadgetry, This is built with Heston Blumenthals name put into the mix, you know that guy? Sure you do, he’s the crazy scientist chef, quite famous too, I know why he agreed to put his name on this product and I understand why he backs it!


Brand Sage by Heston Blumenthal
Model Number BES870UK
Colour Silver
Item Weight 10 Kg
Product Dimensions 35 x 38 x 37 cm
Capacity 2 litres
Power / Wattage 1850 watts
Voltage 240 volts
Material Stainless Steel
Special Features Cup Warmer, Integrated Coffee Grinder, Milk Frother, Permanent Filter, Programmable


Price and where to buy?: You can’t just buy this machine from anywhere, it is only stocked in selected retailers, its’ price is retailed at £549.99 however, we’ve found it here for £494.95 while stocks last.

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