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Best Projectors for Gaming Review

Best Projectors for Gaming Review

Here at Top Notch Reviews, we do love our gaming, This is why a gaming projector review was on our agenda, they are not only used for gaming, but in a nutshell a complete home entertainment hub, Most can display in hi-definition resolutions so they are amazing at playing back movies too! When thinking of what to look out for when considering to buy a gaming projector, a few brand names should come to mind, such as Optoma and the likes of Epson (Yes, the printer manufacturer), they all build quality high def projectors that are a pleasure to view on 100 inch displays, imagine hooking one of these bad boys up to a Play Station 4 or even an Xbox or pair it with a beast of a gaming computer and you’ll be fragging like a pro, that’s for sure.

So here it is, This is the Top Notch Gaming Projector Review!

We’ve selected 3 of the very best gaming projectors that will rock your world, be aware, they don’t come cheap, but they are well worth the money if you make use of them by watching great cgi movies as well as the gaming enthusiast.

First we’re going to talk about the Optoma GT1070X Full HD 1080p Projector, This is an awesome product, built by a well established brand, if you’re wanting a great setup then I must stop you right now, you’ve got to buy this now, I mean, forget the rest of this review, It’ll be wasting your time, if budget is not something you need to worry about then we highly recommend buying the Optoma GT1070X, you can pick one up here with free delivery.

Optoma GT1070X

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The features this projector has is second to none, it has absolutely everything including a 10W inbuilt speaker so if you haven’t considered a set of speakers, don’t worry, it comes with the unit, when we purchased this projector we were astounded by the build quality and also the 3D projection it was capable of displaying, this is one of the most true 3D models, it can produce 1080p standard projection and also will playback any 3D content you throw at it, it displays on a screen or a wall as a canvas, it does require to be placed around 1 metre away from the wall though, if you do place it a metre away, you’ll enjoy a nice 100 inch display, which is amazing considering the unit is only a metre away right?

Connectivity (MHL) is important when you’re looking for a media set up like this, but don’t worry about that either, it comes with multiple HDMI inputs which you can switch on the fly, for example you can plug in a console in one port and then in the other you may want to plug a BluRay player or a sky box, you can then switch between the two if you wanted to with a click of a button. There is also support for Tablets and Smart phones, although this does require 1 cord for connection, but imagine that, you could stream movies and sports from your tablet or phone onto a crystal clear 100 inch display! You will not regret buying this one bit. As we said further up, this is the one to purchase if money is no issue, you’ll definitely be happy with it.

To conclude this product, it’s the best you’ll get, it’s fully 1080p (1280×800) it has amazing vibrant colours, very bright projection for clarity and also has built in 10w speakers and on the media side of things, it supports full 3d play back support with great quality as well as great connectivity support for Smart phones and Tablets with the MHL feature.


Brand Optoma
Model Number GT1070X
Item Weight 2.6 Kg
Product Dimensions 22 x 33 x 12 cm
Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. (included)
Number of Items 1
Size 1080p
Manufacturer Part Number  GT1070X


Price and where to buy?: Well we did say that is wasn’t going to be a cheap entertainment system, on the market it’s around £550 however, you can buy one here for £470 with free delivery.


Next in line, this is actually rated a best seller on amazon, it’s the Epson EH-TW5100 Full HD 1080p Home Cinema & Gaming Projector.

At the beginning of this review we mentioned two gaming projector manufactures and one of them was “Epson”, This manufacturer is extremely well established and knows how to make lenses, which is what a projector essentially is, it is a projecting lens.

Epson TW5100

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The Epson EH-TW5100 outputs content at 1920×1080 making this fully 1080p high definition quality, it also has a set of built in speakers which are 2W instead of the 10W the GT1070X came with, connectivity wise, you’re not going to miss out anything as this also has MHL support, which means you can plug your tablet or smart phone directly into the unit and have it stream through the projector.

What about gaming? Well well well, the TW5100 has a special “Fast mode” configuration which you can enable easily with the remote control it comes with, this increases the colour ratio and also brightness so everything is much more visible, it also increases milisecond reponse timings so there is no ghosting when playing fast paced games.

Fully 3D capable, if you would like to watch a 3D film, it’s easy, just play the content from a device and the Epson TW5100 will automatically recognise the content as 3D and will play it back, lag free, you don’t even need a special screen, a white wall will do the trick.

It’s capable of projecting anything you throw at it, from 30 inches all the way to a whopping 300 inches… That’s some huge screen estate, paired with ultimate clarity and the “Fast mode” means you can sit back and watch anything you want to with superb viewing pleasure.


Brand Epson
Model Number TW5100
Item Weight 2.8 Kg
Product Dimensions More info on link.
Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required.
Number of Items 1
Size 1080p
Manufacturer Part Number TW5100


Price and where to buy?: The Epson TW-5100 HD Home Cinema & Gaming Projector is one of the best, retailing in at £599.99 BUT, you can find it here for £389.99 with FREE delivery within the UK

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